Airport Parking

Lethbridge Airport Parking Map

Lethbridge Airport offers a range of car parking options that are perfectly suited to your needs. There are Short and Long Term areas for travellers and visitors to use.

Accessible car parking spaces are located in all parking areas with easy access to the main terminal door.

Short Term (Meter) Parking

Rates for Short Term (Meter) parking are:

  • $0.25 for 15 minutes
  • $1.00 for 60 minutes
  • 2 hour limit

Long Term Parking

Upon entry to the parking lot you will be required to obtain a ticket from the kiosk. You will have the option to prepay for your parking or pay upon exit. Make sure you keep your ticket in a safe place as it will be required to exit the parking lot. All major credit cards are accepted.

Parking Fee Structure:

  • Hourly - $1.00 (max 3 hours)
  • Daily - $10.00
  • Weekly - $63.00 (10% Discount)
  • Monthly - $215.00 (30% Discount)

Rental Parking

Rental vehicles should be left in the CAR RENTAL RETURNS parking area in a space assigned to the company you have leased with.

Curb Parking

Curb parking is available for pick-up/drop-off only up to a max of 15 mins.


Parking Assistance

If at any time you require assistance please call Airport Security at 403-634-5818 or find them in the terminal building. Their office is located in the arrivals area.