Business Opportunities

The Lethbridge Airport has a significant amount of available land for expanded industrial use.

As a key entry point for people, goods and services, the Lethbridge Airport plays an important role in supporting Alberta's economic growth.

Opportunity exists within this sector for airport development and service enhancement. A current initiative is in place to facilitate the addition of more frequent flights and the addition of other related businesses (hospitality and aircraft maintenance).

Key companies already doing business in this sector are:

  • Pratt & Whitney Canada has plants in Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Alberta. The Lethbridge plant employs 130 and assembles and tests the PT6 helicopter engine. Currently 700 airlines use Pratt & Whitney engines and there are 45,000 PWC engines in use worldwide

Lethbridge Airport is committed to maintaining the airport as a self-sustaining entity. A number of manufacturing plants and air service businesses are currently located at the airport.